$1500 t5.6 STF lens and a bargain 85mm – 2 new Sony Lenses UPDATE VIDEO


Sony just announced a new 100mm f/2.8 STF GM OSS that is $1500 and T5.6!! & a 85mm f/1.8 that looks like a bargain!

It’s all just on paper until we can actually test them out. Pre-order and full info at:

CORRECTION – I thought STF referred to the electronic focus – IT DOES NOT! Please see definition below:
STF – Smooth Transition Focus, lenses that employ special APD lens groups that get thicker towards the edges and, because of that, reduce the amount of light passing through. Basically, these lenses are designed to deliver extremely smooth, silky out of focus highlights, but with some trade-offs, chief among which is the lack of autofocus. Also, even though the physical maximum apertures of STF lenses are generally wide, the actual amount of light coming through due to APD lenses is much lower (the difference between lens’ f-stop and t-stop can vary up to one and a half stop of light, meaning an f/2 STF lens would let in approximately as much light as a regular f/3.2-3.5 lens would). Finally, and this is a personal opinion, I find the excessively smooth rendition of out-of-focus areas to look lifeless, characterless and “plastic”. However, if you want a lens that delivers what is considered to be a superbly silky out-of-focus background/foreground with high image- and great build quality, and don’t care about lack of AF, a lens such as the Sony 135mm f/2.8 (T4.5) STF may just be what you are looking for.

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