Hindi Photography | Understanding ISO | Practical Lessons 4

Hindi Photography | Understanding ISO | Practical Lessons 4

In Today’s session, we will try to understand ISO , what is ISO, how it affect images. .

This session is for beginner photographer only.

This is not a theory based session that everyone is trying to teach you over the internet.

This is a practical session that only WeekendFotography is going to provide you.


Artist: Nicolai Heidlas
Title: Warm Lights


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For all of the questions below
Cheapest DSLR?
Best DSLR for Photography Under 30Thousand Price.?
Best DSLR for Videography/Photography Under 30 Thousand Price. ?
Best DSLR Under 40 Thousand (Photography + Videography)?
Best DSLR Under 50 Thousand ( Photography + Videography)?
Best DSLR Under 70 Thousand (Photography + Videography)?
Best Crop Sensor DSLR ?
Best Full Frame DSLR?


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